Online Coaching

If you would like a personalised and structured plan to help you and your dog to reach your goals, Craig’s Personalised Online Coaching is the path for you.

Craig helps clients all over the world to achieve their goals with his one to one coaching.

Craig’s Personalised Interactive Play Development Coaching helps his clients to create their own unique Interactive Play Experience to share with their dogs. He fine tunes all of his Interactive Play elements to suit each partnerships individual needs.

Working with a huge variety of human and dog teams; such as agility, obedience, working dog handlers and pet owners that would like to increase their dog’s motivation for training and interaction by adjusting their positive reinforcement strategy. He also works to help these same teams overcome a wide range of problematic behaviors that dogs display during periods of arousal.

‘Becoming The Centre of Your Dogs World’ is Craig’s guide to help you become exactly that. Craig will help you step by step to implement simple, but lasting lifestyle changes that will help you to achieve a hugely enriching, connected and reinforcing relationship with your dog.

His tried and tested positive science-based methods will also help you to overcome many of the very common problematic behaviors.

Craig shows you how consistency is key and that customised simple changes to suit you and your dog’s needs and lifestyle really can make all of the difference.

All of Craig’s Online Coaching is exclusively personalised, with a limited monthly intake to ensure maximum value for each of his teams. You will stay in contact with him via email and video with unlimited updates and check-ins to ensure that you and your dog are consistently taking a little win away from every day and striving towards your goals.

I am completely obsessed with helping and motivating dog lovers all over the world to achieve their goals with their dogs as a team. I will show you how to take a little win away from every day and develop towards reaching your goals with your dog as a team.

– Craig Ogilvie