Online Coaching

If you would like a personalised and structured plan to help you and your dog to reach your goals, Craig’s Personalised Online Coaching is the path for you.

Craig helps clients all over the world to achieve their dog training goals with his personalised online coaching packages.

Working with a huge variety of human and dog teams; such as agility, obedience, working dog handlers, dog trainers and pet owners on a wide wide range of dog training goals from overcoming problematic behaviours, to helping clients increase their dog’s motivation for training and much more.

‘Becoming The Centre of Your Dogs World’ is Craig’s guide to help you become exactly that. Craig will help you step by step to implement simple, but lasting lifestyle changes that will help you to achieve a hugely enriching, connected and reinforcing relationship with your dog.

His tried and tested positive science-based methods will also help you to overcome many of the very common problematic behaviors.

Craig shows you how consistency is key and that customised simple changes to suit you and your dog’s needs and lifestyle really can make all of the difference.

All of Craig’s Online Coaching is exclusively personalised, with a limited monthly intake to ensure maximum value for each of his teams. You will stay in contact with him via email and video with unlimited updates and check-ins to ensure that you and your dog are consistently taking a little win away from every day and striving towards your goals.

I am completely obsessed with helping and motivating dog lovers all over the world to achieve their goals with their dogs as a team. I will show you how to take a little win away from every day and develop towards reaching your goals with your dog as a team.

– Craig Ogilvie

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  • Zoe
    I have worked a lot with Craig with my Collie cross Terrier, Percy, who does not like other dogs, during lockdown his aggression issue towards other dogs started to get worse, so I decided to sign up for 30 days online coaching with Craig. Wow what an amazing 30 days, Craig pushed us every day and gave me confidence back in my amazing boy!! The videos with feedback and instructions on what we needed to do next with him, were easy to understand. Working with Craig over 30 days helped me be consistent with Percy and we are back to enjoying our walks and agility training. I would definitely recommend the online coaching for anyone who is looking to improve their dogs training and it is excellent value for money!
  • Debs
    Craig has been simply the best support I could have wished for. I needed help with my then 22-month-old cocker spaniel who was not an easy puppy, with quite a few behavioural problems. With his help and total commitment to both my dog and myself online, Craig helped me work through different issues. I sent him videos of behaviour modification aspects of training, life skills, play and trick training. His attention to detail of teaching online with passion, care, love and understanding of dogs and how their brains work has given me the best advice to get the behaviour I needed with my girly. It’s teamwork between you, your Dog and Craig, I absolutely love putting in the work with my dog with Craig’s instruction. Craig is always clear and I feel very much without him being part of our world my relationship would not be the wonderful bond that I and my girly now have. All our training is with kindness and understanding of my dog. We continue to still do our online training. I always have questions and Craig always very quickly replies. Thank you, Craig.
  • Zoe
    Craig has helped me tremendously with my 2 Manchester Terriers. Manchester’s are a breed that are often misunderstood, but Craig understood them straight away. My girls are much happier and more relaxed since commencing training. Craig is vastly knowledgeable, makes training fun, and most importantly he loves and respects dogs
  • Karen
    Craig’s one to one online training is fantastic.  Craig’s instruction is clear, he comes back with amazing feedback and how to progress what you are doing. He has helped my epileptic dog grow in confidence and make very good decisions. Plus if you get chance to do any of his workshops then go. Thank you Craig
  • Libby
    Craig’s help to overcome my dog’s habit of parading with his toys has been invaluable. All feedback has been frequent, positive, very clear and encouraging and we have made so much progress in a short space of time.
  • Deborah
    Circumstances (lockdown!) forced a change of plan to Craig's OT programme from our intended 121 training. As a result, I now have a young collie destined for agility training that will focus, tug and return her toy back to me for another game - as opposed to galloping around the field or regularly 'catching' my hands with her teeth! Craig noticed every tiny detail on each video I sent him and made many small adjustments as we went along. He gave massive encouragement to me and showed great sensitivity (sympathy!) to the dog. It genuinely felt as if he was stood by my side.
  • Cris
    As a dog trainer and owner of four dogs, I’m always looking to further develop my own skills and knowledge. However, with a very busy schedule, it’s difficult to commit to set days/times for training. I wasn’t sure how online coaching would work, but it really does and that’s due to the commitment that Craig puts in. His passion and knowledge for dog training and helping people with their dog shines through. The feedback that you receive from Craig is detailed, easy to follow and in bite-size chunks. Very quickly Craig is in tune with you and your dog and he adapts all advice accordingly. I’ve done the online training with two of my dogs who are like chalk and cheese. Craig understands what works for each of them and importantly what works for me. He pushes me outside my comfort zone, but just enough to ensure we are always developing and are still confident in what we are doing. I highly recommend online coaching sessions with Craig.

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