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Craig Ogilvie makes you the centre of your dog’s world. Having spent a great deal of time training and testing working dogs in locations all of Europe, he very quickly went on to achieve unique accreditation. Craig is the first and only person from the U.K to be licensed to test and train dogs internationally in the working dog sport called Mondioring: which consists of Obedience, Agility and Criminal Apprehension.

Craig is one of the very few experienced and qualified Civilian Police Dog Training Instructors in the U.K, as well as a dog behaviour practitioner, seminar leader, author, and public speaker. His passion and study of training, interacting and communicating with dogs led to his discovery of the ‘Interactive Play Experience’ and ‘How to Become the Centre of Your Dog’s World’. Craig has been delivering his systems worldwide via sell-out workshops, seminars and online training, helping dog lovers all over the world to achieve their goals.

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What people say

  • LJ Stealthy T Taylor
    Craig is a fantastic motivator for humans and knows how to tap into a dog's playful nature. I've done 3 workshops with Craig and at every one, he has made me feel at ease and is brilliant at reading my pup. I brought the book which just clarifies everything he teaches in a class. Can't recommend Craig enough for sound advice but more importantly fun and exciting training.
    LJ Stealthy T Taylor
  • Gail Laurence
    A passionate positive trainer who has the welfare of dogs at heart. With puppy Chilli being the youngest attendee in our session, Craig took time to habituate her, give her choice and she had a blast chasing!
    Gail Laurence
  • Anya Harriet Connolly
    What would we all do without Craig? lots of fun involved in workshops and understands the needs of each dog in his class. started off with a dog not interested in his tug and now every time we bring it out he works super hard. Thanks Craig! I should also recommend you all buy his Interactive Play book too!
    Anya Harriet Connolly
  • Pat Hills
    I love Craig’s ways of training after attending a few different workshops of his. Today I had a private 1-1 and it was brilliant. As a dog trainer myself, it’s hard to see where you are going wrong, you need another pair of eyes. Craig was able to point me in the right direction giving me many ideas to help my situation. I highly recommend him.
    Pat Hills
  • Mel Bailey
    Just had a really great consultation with Craig and our Catalan sheepdog. Lots of great ideas on how to deal with difficult behaviours and hands-on practice while he was with us. Can wholeheartedly recommend a session with Craig and it is great to know that if we need further help he is happy to give further guidance. Thank you Craig.
    Mel Bailey
  • Jo Gateshill
    I had attended a workshop with Craig and then arranged a 1-2-1 with him. Excellent practical advice and a programme to follow for my GSD who had recently developed some problematic behaviours, despite doing KCGC and various other training and socialisation. Working hard on the advice and know we can call on Craig at any time. Looking forward to our next session!
    Jo Gateshill

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