Craig Ogilvie Dog Training is now Ogilvie Dogs. Please visit the new website to view Craigs Services: Visit Ogilvie Dogs

I have an exciting announcement!

Marita & I have decided to merge ‘Craig Ogilvie Dog Training’ with ‘Marita Davies Agility’ to form one big dog training company called Ogilvie Dogs.

Over the years it has come very apparent to us that there is a huge cross over in the dog training disciplines we teach and many of our students are coached by both by of us. This had lead to us bringing the two companies together so we can have all that we offer under one roof:

  • Dog Agility
  • Behaviour modification and training
  • Trick training
  • Motivational reward strategies
  • Mentoring for aspiring dog training & behaviour consultants
  • Online & offline coaching
  • Diet & fitness advice
  • Competition preparation both physically & mentally

Not only this, but Ogilvie Dog’s will also have its own dog training centre ‘The Ogilvie Dog’s Training Centre’ which is 20x 54m and fully astroturfed for all dog training needs

If you are coached online with me currently, don’t worry nothing will change, we will still have contact via WhatsApp as normal. If you are interested in signing up to my coaching then you can now see all of this information under ‘Craig’s Corner’ at the new website.

And here’s a video with further launch information!