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Craig’s content rich, motivational, and thought provoking speaking engagements are always tailored to the needs of his audience. His delivery is a little different, the devout canine practitioner focuses on easily applicable content and Q&A to ensure his audience take the absolute most away from every delivery. His passionate approach guarantees excellent content delivery.


Craig’s energy filled Interactive Play workshops will leave dogs and dog lovers from all walks of life motivated to achieve their goals. Craig teaches all of the handlers how to create their own unique and amazing Interactive Play Experience with their dog. The workshops consist of a good mixture of practical sessions filled with content delivery and lots of room for Q&A to ensure everyone gets the most out of the event.

Craig works with all of the handlers and their dogs on a 1-2-1 basis, he adjusts and adapts his techniques to help every handler and their dog to solve their problems and develop towards their goals.

Some of the most common subjects that Craig helps his workshop attendees with are:

–          Enriching your relationship with your dog

–          Helping you to become the centre of your dog’s world

–          Non verbal communication with your dog

–          Confidence building

–          Motivation

–          Learning how to communicate with your dog when they are stimulated

–          Redirection during play

–          Improving your existing play with your dog

–          Toy possession issues

–          Lack of interest in toys

–          Creating a high value experience as a reward for training

–          Creating a time effective experience to share with dog that stimulates their body and mind

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