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  • Karen Gittoes

    Well, you can't say my agility instructor doesn't think outside the box. When Lucy booked Craig for a "Interactive Play" workshop I did wonder what it would all be about.

    I am so glad I went. My young dog Giggle had already done a lot of foundation work with toys but Craig made sure that Giggle knew that the game was always with me. At first I had to spot the slightest bit of eye contact from Giggle before I could activate the toy.  We have moved on from that and now he gallops towards me with his toy to play.

    My other dog Ollie has his focus taken away from me at training and agility shows by all the other exciting things going on. We have been working on his toy play and interaction with me and at Craig's last workshop he actually brought his toy to me, I couldn't have been more pleased with that small breakthrough.  

    Thank you Craig am so looking forward to your next workshop.