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  • Alix Twyford

    Craig is one of those special people who has a natural calmness, and the ability to generate respect from both dogs and people.  He has been working with Jack (my GSD) and I now for approximately six months.  The difference to my life is incalculable.
    Craig has a system – a carefully considered programme of training and behavioural guidance for both Jack and I.  My life is complicated by physical disability, and my GSDs over the years have been a wonderful, if slightly chaotic challenge.  My last GSD was dog aggressive despite my best efforts and looking back now, I know her life and mine would have been much different if we had known Craig back then.
    Jack is coming on wonderfully.  He is only 11 months but using the techniques and approaches Craig has shown us he is now performing various obedience tasks, has good manners in areas such as food, the door, greeting visitors, ‘releasing’ something from his mouth, not touching what he shouldn’t have, and he now looks upon me as his leader.  We have also begun to polish our recall with ‘distractions’, and started some basic tracking.
    Craig clearly loves dogs.  They respond to him, and he reads their behaviour.  Craig’s training for  Jack and coaching for me is now ingrained in our daily routine, and the joy of it is that it is so easy.  Everything he creates for us is constructed around my abilities – nothing is too much trouble for Craig and his reassurance and encouragement have helped me to grow, not just into a leader of dogs, but also a calmer and more effective leader in my own business.
    Quite suddenly, my Mother lost the ability to care for her Canine Partner.  The charity agreed to rehome Kerry the lab/retriever cross to me, subject to my being able to prove I could handle two dogs.  Honestly, about 12 months ago I was having trouble handling one and now, thanks to Craig, I have two well behaved and cooperative dogs in my ‘pack’.  His support is invaluable.
    Thank you Craig