Craig went on to create what would become his hugely successful ‘Interactive Play System’ which he started to deliver via workshops and seminars all over the UK. Very quickly the word spread of the results he produced with his passionate approach of motivating both handlers and dogs to enrich the relationship that they share and achieve their goals. Craig soon became inundated with workshop requests and bookings being taken from dog lovers all over the world. 

Further more Craig received requests to deliver key note talks to different dog training societies. For these key notes he broke his system down in to an acronym based delivery (I.N.T.E.R.A.C.T.I.V.ETM) so that he could easily explain all of its aspects. Craig’s first talk was a great success with his passion and desire to deliver as much information to his audience being his main focus. He separated himself from others by making the talk very question and answer orientated ensuring that he answered all of the questions asked and did his best to ensure the whole audience were involved in a very personal experience. 

Both his public speaking and practical deliveries have continued to gain in popularity, with his experience in working with dogs in heightened level of stimulation and problem solving really shining through. To date Craig has delivered hundreds of talks and training days for the UK military dog sections, UK Police Force dog sections, Medical Detection dogs UK, dog rescue centres, dog training and behaviour institutions, sporting dog societies and pet dog societies.