Craig has always had a strong desire to work with and train working dogs which he believes is definitely due to all of the time spent with Grandad and his police dogs. In his early twenties he discovered a worldwide dog training competition called Mondioring. The sport replicates the national police dog assessment model with the dogs being trained in obedience, agility and criminal apprehension. 

At this time there was very little information on the sport in the U.K and only one active competitor whom regularly travelled to Europe to compete and had being doing so for over a decade. Craig contacted the gentleman and was able to secure what would be his first trip of many to France to begin his training as a Mondioring decoy. 

A Mondioring decoy is trusted with the very important and skilled job of training and testing the dogs for the criminal apprehension part of the sport. This involves wearing a padded costume which is comparative to a tug toy that you can wear. Whilst wearing the costume the decoy then teaches the dogs to happily grip the costume as it would a tug toy and then during the competition test the dogs gripping quality, technique and courage. 

The gentleman that Craig had contacted to help him learn all about the art of the decoy would become another mentor in Craig’s life that he has much to thank for. They would go on to spend hundreds of hours together travelling thousands of miles all over Europe for both training sessions and competitions. 

Craig applied his normal focus, hard work and dedication to mastering all of the techniques of the decoy, working at a furious pace towards his goal of becoming the first and only Englishman to pass the rigorous decoy selection process and earn his decoy license. This would give him accreditation to test dogs in competitions all over the world. 

Just 18 months after his first visit to the training club in France, Craig went on to pass the decoy selection process. To start Craig was given a written exam in French on his knowledge of all of the techniques, rules and procedures of the competition which was particularly difficult as prior to his first visit to France he spoke no French at all. 

Following this he was tested on his physical fitness whilst wearing the costume, this consisted of completing an assault course, a kilometre run repeated twice and directional sprint tests all whilst wearing the heavy padded costume. Craig was then tested by three separate French Mondioring officials in which he had to test several dogs on all aspects of the criminal apprehension. 

After a very long and demanding day Craig achieved his goal of passing the selection process and was given his prestigious decoy license becoming the first and only Englishman ever to do so.