Becoming increasingly busy with workshops, behavioural consultations, speaking engagements and as well as writing his book, Craig was also approached by a police dog training manager. The manger asked if he could come and deliver a key note talk and hold some practical problem solving training sessions with some of his forces operational police dogs and handlers. Craig’s unique experience and qualifications to train and test working dogs allowed him to willingly accept the offer.

After delivering the first set of training for the police, the dog training manager asked Craig if he would be interested in taking a Civilian Police Dog Training Instructors role, this would make Craig one of the very few civilians in the country to hold this qualification. Although Craig knew that accepting the role would add to his rapidly growing schedule and leave him working seven days a week for the foreseeable future, he accepted yet another challenge.

The work with Police was particularly appealing to Craig for several reasons: firstly because of his love for training working dogs but also because of his desire to help the police handlers and the dogs that do such an amazing job for society. Craig continued to hold the memory of where his journey began with his Grandad and his police dogs and although his Grandad had passed Craig knew that taking the job would make him immensely proud.

Craig went on to gain irreplaceable qualifications and experience training police dogs, he took handlers from the beginning of their training all the way through to licensing standard. Craig took great pride and enjoyment in his work with the Police aiming to help all of students and their dogs become well schooled in the fundamentals of dog behaviour and the training of working dogs.

As much as he loved his full time work with the police dogs, his rapidly growing schedule and desire to spread his message to help as many dog lovers as possible led him to make the difficult decision to stop his full time employment with the police. He could not let go completely though, and will always offer training and deliveries to the cause that he holds so close to his heart.