Craig was approached by a publishing company who asked if he would write a book on his ‘Interactive Play System’ that was rapidly growing in success and popularity. Eager to spread his system and message to help as many dog owners as he could, Craig accepted the publishing companies offer. He went on to write his book at a furious pace completing the document in a three- month period. Craig based the book on his key note acronym based I.N.T.E.R.A.C.T.I.V.ETM system elaborating on all of the elements of creating an amazing Interactive Play Experience with your dog.

The book gives dog owners from all different walks of life the ability to help captivate their dogs mind, enhance their ability to communicate with their dog and enrich the relationship that they share. Craig’s book ‘The Interactive Play Guide’ will be launched with a book signing on Sunday 12th March at Crufts.