After gaining his decoy license and proving his skill level, Craig was invited all over Europe to test and train world championship level dogs.

During his time spent travelling and training around Europe and the UK, Craig made his discovery. He had always seen the costume that he wore with pride as a big tug toy, the discovery came when he realised he could teach the dogs to grip onto the costume in exactly the same way as he would teach them grip on to any other toy. He went on to teach dogs of all different types and ages to grip on to the costume by using the art of play, correctly evaluating their behaviour and communicating via non verbal interaction. 

Craig developed techniques that allowed him to adjust and adapt to each dogs needs which allowed him captivate the dog’s minds and enhance his ability to communicate with them. Craig’s unique techniques built remarkable relationships with the dogs in a very short space of time. 

 As the costume had effectively become one big Interactive Play Toy, Craig realised that he could replace the costume with a normal dog toy and use his techniques to help dog owners from any background with some interactive gold dust.