Struggling to fit in as a child, Craig found comfort and confidence in the company of his Grandfather and his police dogs. Craig spent much of his childhood with his late Grandfather and remains eternally grateful to him for nurturing his natural ability to communicate and interact with our canine companions. Feeling a little secluded from children of his own age, Craig spent much of his time when not with his Grandad reading and studying about dogs of all shapes and sizes. He soon became completely fascinated and admittedly even a little obsessed with dog behaviour. 

Craig became particularly fascinated with the ability of wild dogs to adjust and adapt to suit the challenges they come across in life. Thus allowing Craig to adjust well through high school and he began to fit in. He believes his time spent studying dog behaviour was his saviour in helping him to develop the confidence and ability to adjust and adapt to the challenges he came across in life.  

In his late teens Craig met a very experienced dog behaviourist who quickly spotted Craig’s natural gift in communicating and interacting with dogs, this was different to anything that he had seen in 30 years of working with dogs. The dog behaviourist would become one of Craig’s mentors and take him under his wing. From this point onwards Craig’s ability to solve behavioural problems and rehabilitate dogs using his unique communication and interaction techniques really shone through. Craig developed a particular love and talent for communicating and helping the dogs that are suffering from aggression or anxiety issues. Just as importantly Craig enjoys helping their owners to understand the issues and implement simple lifestyle changes to help rehabilitate their much loved companions. He went on to gain years of experience solving a large variety of behavioural problems and helping dogs and dog lovers from all walks of life.